David C. Driskell Center

The Driskell Center's Community


The University of Maryland is home to a diverse and creative student body and faculty committed to exploring the cultural and social life of Africa and the Afro-Atlantic world. The Driskell Center strives to enrich and enhance a sense of learning and shared purpose among all members of the campus community. The Center moreover seeks to reach beyond the campus to art practitioners and colleagues in nearby institutions, art institutions, immigrant communities, and grade-school children and their teachers and parents in surrounding counties in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Finally, our goal is to collaborate with artists, scholars, and students throughout the United States and abroad, reaching the public through programs, publications, and our website.

In 2003-2004, the Driskell Center has teamed up with the International Center for Transcultural Education, a research unit of the College of Education, to sponsor a series of open discussions about "Africa in the Schools."

The Driskell Center has also joined The Art Gallery in sponsoring an intern to develop and lead arts education programs for area middle-schoolers who have attended the Mary Lovelace O'Neal (Spring 2004) and Selections from Narratives (Spring 2003) exhibitions.

In previous years, the Driskell Center has joined the Committee on Africa and the Americas in offering financial support for "Rethinking the Americas," a three-year collaboration between the Department of History and the Montgomery County Public Schools. Our support helped History Professors Mary Kay Vaughan and Elsa Barkley Brown develop a module entitled "Teaching the History of Racial Minorities in Mexico and the United States." Learn more.