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2002-2003 Programs

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Conferences and Symposia

Washington Area Symposium on the History of Latin America (WASHLA)
November 8-9, 2002

Annual meeting of specialists in Latin American history, primarily attended by scholars affiliated with institutions of higher education and independent scholars in Maryland, Delaware, northern Virginia, southeastern Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. Of growing importance to the group is the history of the African diaspora throughout the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian worlds.

Symposium Program

Symposium: The Body in the African Body Politic
Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Organized by Dr. David Gordon, Assistant Professor of History, this symposium will invite an international panel of scholars to discuss the politics of the body in African societies. Co-sponsored by the Center for Historical Studies.

Symposium Program

Conference: The Body and the Body Politic in Latin America
April 18-19, 2003
The Maryland Room, Marie Mount Hall

A conference, held in conjuntion with the annual program of the Center for Historical Studies, addressing issues of the body and body politic in colonial and post-colonial Latin America. Six distingueshed invited scholars will present papers to be commented upon by University of Maryland and Washington area university faculty.

For more information contact: Mary Kay Vaughan, Department of History.

Conference Program

Exhibitions and Performances

Selections from Narratives of African American Art: The David C. Driskell Collection
January 30-March 22, 2003

Organized by the Art Gallery

Bridges: Students of David C. Driskell from the University of Maryland, 1977-1997
April 7-May 16, 2003

Student exhibition to honor Dr. David C. Driskell. Pieces on exhibit will illustrate a variety of styles and methods of art -making. Exhibited artists include: Jeremy Austin, Pati Beachley, Sylvia Benitez, Michael Berman, Mary Cameron Boyd, Emily Conover, Eileen Costa, Jefferson Pinder, Eva Lundsager, Michael Harris, Joseph Hamilton, Chris Gardner, Susan Reynolds, and Gail Shaw-Clemens.

Atrium of the Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

Curated by Jefferson Pinder, Driskell Center Graduate Fellow

Lectures and Panel Discussions

ASA Panel: Directions in Diaspora Research
December 5, 2002

Answering the theme of the 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Africa in the Information and Technology Age, University of Maryland faculty and graduate students will discuss the direction(s) of diasporic studies.
  • Eileen Julien, David C. Driskell Center, Chair
  • Herbert Brewer, Department of History, "Historical Afro-American Communities in West Africa"
  • Merle Collins, Comparative Literature Program, "Writing Black Identity in England and the U.S."
  • Julia Foulkes, David C. Driskell Center, "African American Artists and the Dismantling of Colonialism"
  • Stephan Palmié, Department of History, "Institution or Process: Ekpe/Abakuá in Middle Passage"
  • Martha Nell Smith, Department of English and Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, "African Studies: What's Computing Got to Do With It?"
  • Tony Whitehead, Department of Anthropology, "HIV/AIDS Among Africans and African Immigrants"

Driskell Center Distinguished Lecture in the Visual Arts of the African Diaspora
April 17, 2003
Tawes Theatre, University of Maryland

Annual lecture by a scholar of distinction who specializes in the visual arts.

The 2003 lecture will be delivered by Dr. Edmund Barry Gaither, founder, director, and curator of the Museum of the National Center of African American Artists, located in Roxbury, Massachusetts. The title of Dr. Gaither's lecture is "African American Artists, New York and Boston: Anatomy of a Show."

Lecture Details

The 2003 Driskell Center Distinguished Lecture in the Visual Arts of the African Diaspora has been coordinated with the 14th Annual James A. Porter Colloquium on African American Art, to be held at Howard University on April 18-19, 2003.

April 22-24, 2003

Presentations of the research findings of the recipients of the summer 2002 Research and Travel Grant Competition.


Ongoing Series

Campus Events Grants Series
Late Fall 2002 through Spring 2003

Campus events (e.g., film series, guest lecture, symposia, round tables) selected through an annual competition.

2002-2003 Grant Awardees

CRGE-Driskell Writing Group

The Driskell Center will join the Consortium on Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (CRGE) in the organization of an interdisciplinary writing group for advanced graduate students to discuss works-in-progress, books, and emerging trends in areas of interest to the two centers. For more information, contact Amy McLaughlin, CRGE Associate Director.


Driskell Center Colloquium Series

The David C. Driskell Center Colloquium Series features innovative research on Africa and the African diaspora by promising or eminent scholars and practitioners. The 2002-2003 series will begin with four presentations demonstrating new work on dance and history, the anthropology of race and diaspora, African art in contemporary U.S., and the representation of the body in African literature.

Colloquium Schedule


Washington Area Consortium for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation Series

The consortium is an association of scholars, students, and interested citizens from the Washington area who have come together to study slavery and emancipation. Founded in 2000, the consortium sponsors such activities as seminars, public forums, and conferences. The interests of the consortium are interdisciplinary and broad in time and space, reaching back to antiquity and across the Atlantic. But its focus is on the rise and demise of modern slavery between the fourteenth and twentieth centuries and on how slavery and emancipation shaped the lives of the peoples of Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

2002-2003 Schedule

Special Events

Driskell Center Gala
September 29, 2002

The University of Maryland hosts a gala celebration honoring the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the African Diaspora. Special guests: Comedian Bill Cosby, in concert, and David C. Driskell, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus.

Gala Invitation

Reception: 45th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Washington, DC
December 5-8, 2002

The Driskell Center, in collaboration with Howard University and other area institutions, will sponsor a welcome reception to the African Studies Association's annual meeting on Thursday, December 5. Consult the conference Program Schedule for more details.

Summer Arts Institute

June 28-August 4, 2003

The David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the African Diaspora at the University of Maryland is hosting its first Summer Arts Institute, designed primarily for upper-class undergraduates intending to pursue a master's of fine arts or doctoral degree in any humanistic field with a focus on the arts and culture of African, African American, or African diasporic communities. The Institute will entail five weeks of seminars; hands-on workshops in a range of media (such as visual, musical, or performance arts, video, creative writing, web technologies); visits to local arts and cultural institutions; conversations with accomplished artists and scholars.

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