David C. Driskell Center

"Collecting African American Art:
Aesthetics, Methods, and Marketplace"

Schedule of Conference
Photos from October 28, 2006

Dr. Adrienne L. Childs and Mrs. Harriet Kelley
Prof. David C. Driskell
Juanita Boyd-Hardy, Blake Todd Kimbrough and Ms. Madeline Murphy-Rabb
Mr. Jerry Langley, Mr. Greg Head and Mr. Bennie F. Johnson
Sybil E. Gohari, Patricia N. Banks, Ph.D. and Renee Ater, Ph.D.
Mr. Steve Mayo, Mrs. Jean E. Steele, Dr. Robert E. Steele and Mrs. Robin Holder
Dr. Robert E. Steele, Ms. Madeline Murphy-Rabb and Prof. David C. Driskell
Dr. Robert E. Steele, E.J. Montgomery, Susan C. Aldridge, Prof. David C. Driskell and Mr. Jerry Langley
Prof. David C. Driskell, Suzanne Boorsch, Mrs. Kathy Harris, Dean James Harris, Dr. Robert E. Steele and Lisa Hodenwarski
The Collectors Club of Washington, DC., Inc.