Create Your Own: An Interactive Playground

Robin Holder brings to the visual arts experience a multilayered form of artistry that is heavily influenced by her own biracial and multicultural background. Infused within the usual plan of working as a painter and printmaker are the creative inventions that seem self-imposed, and it is there that we see aspects of highly skilled experimental processes that add unorthodox methods of making an art form that vacillates between collaging, printing, and painting.

Begin to discover your identity through Robin Holder's work and techniques. Simply click on any of the objects from the left column to add them to your canvas. You can move, resize, and rotate them. If you want to delete one of the objects, simply click on the "x" next to that object in the left column. You can type in your own personalized message using the text box below the objects too. Once you click Submit you will be able to move and resize the text. To delete your most recent text box, simply click Remove. Change your canvas background by clicking on any of the squares in the middle column. Once you have finished with your masterpiece, just click on the Print Design button and show to your friends!